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  1. Session Summary #3 - 06/21/2020 Alright session summary for Chult Gale of the Trevali We left the slowly growing town near the Dwarven mines shortly after noon. Sticking with the thickly wooded areas we made good time to the north and east, having decided to attempt making it to a location the others had heard of. We made camp about 20 miles along our journey and the ranger with us went to forage. He came back a few hours later with several edible plants and a bird I'm told is an Axebeak. The meal was quite good, though I wonder what the likelihood of getting consistent food is without rations. Shortly after we settled into our bedrolls, the first watch woke us up to let us know that there was a small horde of zombies headed in the direction of town. Deciding that since the town did not have walls and we were already here, so we would kill them before they had a chance to get any farther. I will say that it took the work of a fee minutes even with my most powerful magic to slay some thirty zombies and I could not have done so without the help of the wizard. We continued northward in the morning snaking our way through a pass in the mountains and came to a large burnt out wasteland. We decided to skirt around that area for some time and came to camp in a small strip of the forest between the foot of the mountains and this large plain of desolation. When we camped that night most of the party was caught up in their own work so I went to study nature, I thinkni have found a new creature that I can change into. I think the others called it an ape. We decided that circumventing the wasteland would take too long and so chose to cross it at the narrowest point we could find, but it was still at least ten miles across and I am certain that we got lost as it took all day. At one point, and i will admit to not paying much attention by this point as I was running out of water we came across a flame red lizardfolk looking entity. (Ooc: I was not there so I'm unsure what happened with the first salamander) As we grew close to the forest we spotted a large group of those firey lizardfolk, just as we were deciding what to do about them they spotted us and then began a very tense twenty minutes with us running between two of their small bands of warriors while we kept one distracted nd confused in a dense fog cloud.(edited) As we settled in that night in the edge of the forest again the others worked on personal projects and so i went to study the animals on this side of the desert. I was pleased to find yet another animal that is quite amazing. The night went by quietly and we again left camp early. We traveled peacefully seeing some more of those firey lizardfolk in the distance and some signs of them becoming more dense in population as we continued, but we made it to a place for camp with little incident. Having set up camp and having nothing to do nearby I went on a short excursion to see what could be found in the area hoping to find some lost ruin or the remnants of a road. I found a small seemingly abandoned village and not daring to explore it alone decided to get the others before continuing. It was a good thing I recruited the others to come explore the small village. When we got into the village we saw scratches high on the walls and the buildings in shambles. Just as I came to the conclusion that we had stumbled jnto a dragon's territory we heard the flapping of leathery wings. We rushed to hide but the dragon landed on the building that we we all hiding near. Fortunately I'd had a chance to beast shape before its arrival, however one of the others who had been spotted attempted to speak with the dragon, but failed miserably. Lost his nerve and ran. At this point I was glad to have become a powerful snake like creature. I was able to run after them and attack the dragon before they could harm my companion. I only got one attack in but the others rallied around and quickly killed the dragon before it could make good on its threat to harm us.
  2. Session Summary #3 - 07/04/2020 Posted by Steel Session Summary TL:DR at the bottom! Jern Bloodbrought – Knight of Elturel, Reporting in! FINNALLY I have arrived on Chult! My given purpose is laid before me! The Conquest of this land shall commence! This lands adversaries, beasts and rivals shall all be crushed to DUST and it’s riches and bounty be claimed, for my sworn duty to the people of Elturgard! I arrived with ship at the camp’s harbour early in the morning and received warm welcomes from my new allies! Bahnu, a mighty tortle warrior and blacksmith, he possesses impressive natural abilities in combat. Gunther, a mercenary. Always useful to have a few sellswords around… I didn’t catch the name of the company he belongs to however…regardless, he is be quite capable aswell. Zeek, a deranged grey haried Wizard. As long as he keeps his magic to the enemy, I will tolerate his madness… A broken dagger can still be a useful deadly weapon afterall. Kurn, a dwarf cleric that have been sent here to pay penance for his sins. His demeanour is disgruntled and jaded, however his fire flares up in combat! For cleric he has a taste for being in the middle of the fray…I like that hahaha. After having reported my arrival to the commanding officer of the camp Hew Hackinstone, we were immediately given orders! It was refreshing to be in a place without a bunch clerical bureaucratic nonsense that would otherwise halt my duty! Our assigned mission was assisting some Kobold allies with Goblin problem. The goblins intented to disrupt the construction on a damp. The success of the mission was crucial as the construction for the damp would secure the camp access to water. No war can be fought without proper supply lines, securing the water would be a crucial step in the conquest of this land. We were to seek out the local Kobold leader, named Girk. After having gathered our supplies and planned a route to the kobolds we set forth! Halfway to our destination we found a cave, that we decided to explore. As we were about to enter the crave, we were met with a late arrival to the explores camp! Another spellcaster who goes by the name Annie, she too is utterly crazy and deranged. Not that it was a problem, she was weirdly curious about the anatomy of the dead creatures we slew. What’s with spellcasters and mental illness?? Bah! As long as Zeek and Annie kept being useful I didn’t mind. We ventured into the cave, on the walls we found paintings of strange creature…I have studied the culture and religious believes of Chult before I arrived here…and they told of a horrible creature, that possessed physical aspects of a jaguar and snake. It was merely a myth, however the party deemed it beneficial to search the cave regardless in case there were more than myths in there, I agreed. After traversing the cave for a while, we encountered some giant spiders, which we dispatched without problem. Damn…pests, unworthy of my maul. We collected valuables from unfortunate travellers that had fallen to these beasts. Their coin will sever our course now. The cave littered with various piles of broken armor and weapons…and we readied ourselves to encounter whatever had done this. As we stepped into to the largest open area in the cave we found it…the myth was alive! We bravely charged the beast head on without hesitation! While it did manage to deliver it’s poison into my veins, it was not enough to call forth my half-orc blood. In no time our armoured patry members surrounded the beast as our spellcasters bombarded it with violent magics, which delivered the killing blow! Annie collected the poison gland of the beast which can be used to either make a grenade or vial of poison. Having slain the beast we ventured further in and found what it had protected. A nest of Naga eggs, however ALL the eggs had already hatched a long time ago. We noted it down, this COULD pose a problem later. However now that we are aware of this, we can be vigilant against this potential threat. We left the cave and travelled towards the Kobold encampment. We meet up with their local Kobold Leader Girk, who presented the monetary rewards…which included a skunk! While…I admittedly was slightly hesitant on that idea but a weapon is a weapon! We need all the resources we can get our hands on even the un-conventional ones! Instead of immediately going after the goblin encampment we decided we wanted to let them come to us first! As we knew what the goblins wanted (the destruction of the damp constructions) so we sat up an ambush for their arrival close to the damp. …It didn’t go QUITE as planned, as they discovered us well in advance…! However, none of that matter when you can simply CRUSH the enemy between your boot! Which we promptly did! Way more my style! After having despatched the goblins, the following day the constructions had been completed and the camp now had access to clean water! We still needed to root out the leaders of the goblin attackers. After resting we set forth! Finding their base was a simple task and we proceeded to swat the few goblins that were there. However their cowardly Bugbear Bandit leader had set up an ambush against us, and it nearly cost Kurn life as the party had been split by the goblin distractions! (OOC Jern got lost as fuck in that cave xD) However we managed to rally and defeat the leader and his bugbear bodyguards! We left one of the bugbears allow to interrogate him before crushing his goblinoid skull! It turns out these goblins had stumbled a new plant they had begun to harvest called… Ryath Root. Whille the root has some stamina increasing properties, it’s highly additive and affects the mind of the one taking it. Hmmm…every resource here is important, and this has potential…perhaps if it’s refined by an alchemist. We made sure to bring back samples to the encampment. Tl:DR So in summary! First mission well concluded! - Water supply secured, - Jaguar Snake monstrosity slain! (gloriously!) - Potential Naga threat discovered - Goblin group CRUSHED - A Potential useful plant called Ryath Root discovered and acquired! Now for some well deserved ale and meat! Signed - Jern Bloodbrought of Elturel
  3. Session Summary #2 - 06/27/2020 Posted by Tango Cayman This was a long but awesome session. - From Revonn Warmwood's perspective - After spending a week in the camp recovering from the previous adventures i felt it was time to get back out in the forest and see more of what this place had to offer. Not a moment after i mumbled this to myself i saw four people emerge from the forest edge hauling along behind them the plunder from their last adventure. They had killed a green dragon, i was immediately filled with envy. They stowed theri belongings and seemed like they were about to head back out again the following day and so I approached them and offered my services. They accepted and the next day the four of us (Stovellis, Gale, swimming bird and myself) left Wyrmheart Haven. The first five days went along very quietly but on our sixth night we drew the attention of a Tryannosaur. During this fight Gale of the Travali was torn asunder and our healing magic was not enough to keep her with us. We wrapped her body in some of her belongings and braught her body with us until we came upon a shack in the middle of the woods with a very strange protector. As we apporached we saw a broom sweeping the front porch....by itself. As i stood there taking in the sight of this Stovellis moved ahead of me to within 10 feet of the self sweeping broom which then... attacked us? Swiftly ceasing to sweep and then flinging itself towards us as though thrust forward by some invisible force it struck stovelis with hilarious force (at least to me) after giggling for a second I jumped into action wrestling this....broom..... to the ground and lashing it to the porch. There was nothing in the hut but this might serve as a good waypoint at sometime. Several hours down the road we came across a hooded figure named FieldStar, a hunter who is trying to adventure through the forest of chult alone. It didnt take much to convince her to come with us.. After a few more days of light travel we finally made it to the area where we thought the entrance to the Archives would be. After a few hours of searching we found it! Upon entering the archives it was very quiet and...clean. For a place that is supposed to be abandon for centuries this was odd. There were books everywhere but upon inspection they were all empty, hundred of books, no information. There must be more to this place. Upon looking around we found a stair case that lead downstairs where we met an undead creature who was in a very confused but non-aggressive state. No name, no idea where he was or what he was doing here. He did however tell us about the invisible caretakers who look after the facility. there are a few rules to follow in the archives. One, don't mistreat or steal the books and two don't try to take the undead gentleman out of the facility. We agreed to look into his memory loss and try to find some answers. We contiinued to look around the facility for a few hours and ended up in the basement where the architecture changed to a serpent theme. More familiar to the snake temp but at the other end was a dragon statue....Interesting. This place screamed traps... so we looked around for switches and levers that will allow us to open something to help us find more to this place. After setting off all the traps it releaved a door which when opened had 2 stone golems who... weren't friendly. After dispatching them we found a coffer which was trapped and after we didnt look for traps we then got Zeused and then Hadesed, we found some shiny loot. - out of character - it was getting late so we will pickup where we left off... trying to solve the mystery of the archives.
  4. Far to the southwest on the continent of Faerun lies the peninsula of Chult, a dense primordial jungle filled with deadly flora and fauna, littered with ancient, trap-ridden ruins of forgotten civilizations guarding dark mysteries and relics. Clinging to the shores of this untamed peninsula, a new coastal settlement known as Wyrmheart Haven is taking root. While most civilized people are content to rest within their villages, enclaves, and holds, there are souls drawn toward the life of adventure, danger, and exploration. Wealthy merchants have identified exotic goods, valuable ore and mineral deposits, as well as lost cities nearby. Prospectors, tomb raiders, archeologists, and warriors comb through the disease-ridden jungles in search of legendary treasure. Beating back the untamed and wild jungles, Wyrmheart Haven is a beacon to any who would challenge the deadly perils of Chult and carve their name into its history. Dungeons and Dragons is a role-playing game, or RPG, where you play an adventurer out to seek glory and riches. The game combines storytelling, improv, and tactical combat using dice-rolling to resolve actions. West Marches is a style of Dungeons & Dragons gameplay that is a bit different than what you may have heard about or played before. In a traditional game, the organizer (or Dungeon Master) makes an educated guess about what players and their characters will be interested in exploring and guides the players through a story. The focus is on narrative and combines storytelling, improv-acting, and tactical combat using dice-rolling to resolve the results of actions. This type of game can be a lot of fun with a cast of players and characters with rich backstories to guide through the adventure. Unlike a traditional RPG, a West Marches game shifts the control of story direction from the Dungeon Master to the players. The story guided by the characters and the adventures they choose to pursue in the game. This type of play allows for a large, rotating cast of players in a more diverse arrangement from around 10 to 30. After choosing a day, a group of three to six players schedule with the Dungeon Master and plan out what rumor or location they would like to investigate.
  5. "What the heck is this West Marches stuff?" you may be asking yourself. West Marches style games are a way to help with prep-time as it puts some of the decision-making in the hands of the players. They will announce when they want to play from a selection of available time slots and what they want to do or explore. Then, the DM who has the free time for the proposed time slot will take the aforementioned party on the requested adventure. I have linked some more details for those who are interested. https://rollplaywestmarches.fandom.com/wiki/The_Rules If you are looking to be a DM for this style of game, leave an application for me to review. More about me here. Please read through the expectations before addressing the topics below. I will be on time for games, every session. I will communicate clearly and in a timely manner, any schedule abnormalities, or other issues. I respect all players equally. I will be thoroughly prepared for each session. I will be fair in my rulings. I will work to give each character opportunities throughout sessions to shine. I will listen to player feedback and tailor the gaming experience to the group's desires. If you are reading this far then put ":)" at the top of your application. If the expectations above can be met, please submit an application addressing the following topics. Dungeon Mastering Experience Campaign Ideas for Chult Rate yourself from a scale of 1(my cat) to 10(Matt Mercer) Will you be able to make weekly games on time? How do you handle (or expect to handle) conflict at the table? Do you have a good internet connection? Do you have a good microphone? Would you prefer playing with or without video? What is your gaming schedule? Please be as specific as possible. Any other questions or concerns?
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