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  1. Far to the southwest on the continent of Faerun lies the peninsula of Chult, a dense primordial jungle filled with deadly flora and fauna, littered with ancient, trap-ridden ruins of forgotten civilizations guarding dark mysteries and relics. Clinging to the shores of this untamed peninsula, a new coastal settlement known as Wyrmheart Haven is taking root. While most civilized people are content to rest within their villages, enclaves, and holds, there are souls drawn toward the life of adventure, danger, and exploration. Wealthy merchants have identified exotic goods, valuable ore and mineral deposits, as well as lost cities nearby. Prospectors, tomb raiders, archeologists, and warriors comb through the disease-ridden jungles in search of legendary treasure. Beating back the untamed and wild jungles, Wyrmheart Haven is a beacon to any who would challenge the deadly perils of Chult and carve their name into its history. Dungeons and Dragons is a role-playing game, or RPG, where you play an adventurer out to seek glory and riches. The game combines storytelling, improv, and tactical combat using dice-rolling to resolve actions. West Marches is a style of Dungeons & Dragons gameplay that is a bit different than what you may have heard about or played before. In a traditional game, the organizer (or Dungeon Master) makes an educated guess about what players and their characters will be interested in exploring and guides the players through a story. The focus is on narrative and combines storytelling, improv-acting, and tactical combat using dice-rolling to resolve the results of actions. This type of game can be a lot of fun with a cast of players and characters with rich backstories to guide through the adventure. Unlike a traditional RPG, a West Marches game shifts the control of story direction from the Dungeon Master to the players. The story guided by the characters and the adventures they choose to pursue in the game. This type of play allows for a large, rotating cast of players in a more diverse arrangement from around 10 to 30. After choosing a day, a group of three to six players schedule with the Dungeon Master and plan out what rumor or location they would like to investigate.
  2. "What the heck is this West Marches stuff?" you may be asking yourself. West Marches style games are a way to help with prep-time as it puts some of the decision-making in the hands of the players. They will announce when they want to play from a selection of available time slots and what they want to do or explore. Then, the DM who has the free time for the proposed time slot will take the aforementioned party on the requested adventure. I have linked some more details for those who are interested. https://rollplaywestmarches.fandom.com/wiki/The_Rules If you are looking to be a DM for this style of game, leave an application for me to review. More about me here. Please read through the expectations before addressing the topics below. I will be on time for games, every session. I will communicate clearly and in a timely manner, any schedule abnormalities, or other issues. I respect all players equally. I will be thoroughly prepared for each session. I will be fair in my rulings. I will work to give each character opportunities throughout sessions to shine. I will listen to player feedback and tailor the gaming experience to the group's desires. If you are reading this far then put ":)" at the top of your application. If the expectations above can be met, please submit an application addressing the following topics. Dungeon Mastering Experience Campaign Ideas for Chult Rate yourself from a scale of 1(my cat) to 10(Matt Mercer) Will you be able to make weekly games on time? How do you handle (or expect to handle) conflict at the table? Do you have a good internet connection? Do you have a good microphone? Would you prefer playing with or without video? What is your gaming schedule? Please be as specific as possible. Any other questions or concerns?
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