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  1. 🙂 Dungeon Mastering Experience: Probably around 10 years Campaign Ideas for Chult: Would be interested in running a few locations, starting with moderately sized dungeon Rate yourself from a scale of 1(my cat) to 10(Matt Mercer): Eh, not a fan of Mercer but he knows how to entertain. On this scale I guess I am a 3 or 4. I think GM should be mostly a worldbuilder and an arbiter. Someone that enables players to experience the world where they can thrive or die due to their own actions. A world where you can be proud of your characters accomplishments but also one where bad decisions or unfortunate dice rolls can mean the end of your story. Will you be able to make weekly games on time? I sure will do my best to keep run scheduled games on time. How do you handle (or expect to handle) conflict at the table? Generally the best way to handle conflicts is to talk about it with the involved people. In case of running game that obviously is not always possible. In case of rule problems this should be solved with a temporal ruling that then should be discussed with the other GMs and the player afterwards. Interpersonal stuff should be solved after the game. Do you have a good internet connection? Yes Do you have a good microphone? Got a decent headset. Would you prefer playing with or without video? Guess either would work fine. What is your gaming schedule? Please be as specific as possible. Friday + Saturday starting from 2:30 pm. Shorter 2 hour session would also be possible on any other day. Any other questions or concerns? My family size recently increased so my schedule might change in a few month.
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