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    GM Training Rodriguez
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    DM: Steel General exploration
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    DM: Macki Exploration and investigation into the female druidthat was encountered to the south east of Wyrmheart Haven. Preferred Party Members: NA
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    DM: Steel General Exploration
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    DM: Steel General Exploration
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    DM: Macki Part 2 of she-druid Silver Tier session: Note thiswill most likely be very Nature focused! Only 2 PCs (i chose the 2 that were in every lead-up session) can be requested but all members wishing to return, or get in are welcome. Preferred Party Members: 1. Kaleo 2. Rurik
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    DM: Rinzler Requested by: Derp Thorodin Trueforge, of TrueForge Engineering and General Construction LLC, seeks a party of adventurers to lay road markers to begin planning the construction of a road leading from Wyrmheart haven to the Dwarf Mines in the north. Thorodin has the technical skills but seeks warriors, and a scout, and possibly a few strong laborers to join the journey.
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    DM: Rinzler Requested by: Badmonke00 Silver Mission: Salvage/loot the Star Goddess Preferred Party Members- anyone prepared to deal with large numbers of undead.
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    DM: Rinzler Requested by: Rodriguez (Naoki Lo, Cleric) Get out of the wet Jungle and up into the Mountains. Explore the peaks and valleys near Wyrmheart Haven (Silver) Preferred Party Members: Jern
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    DM: Rinzler Requested by: Rowann (Zephyros/A'shen) General Exploration and RP, getting in more playtime with secondary characters (Emeri and Visti) Preferred Party Members 1. Visti @Steel (Jern / Visti) 2. Duncan @Ralph (Duncan)
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    DM: Draythe Requested by: Popollo (Hoobert Woo) Kobold's mine Exploration ( look for the voices inside) Preferred Party Members- 1. PenvsSword 2. Macki
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    DM: Rinzler Requested by: CozMic General exploration Preferred Party Members: N/A
  15. Vilmalith

    Admin Meeting

    Admin Meeting
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    State of the game update, player base feedback, mentor role, and Knight of the Roundtable elections.
  17. Vilmalith

    Hell Let Loose

    Hell Let Loose
  18. Vilmalith

    DM meeting

    DM meeting
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    DM training run by Rodriguez
  20. Vilmalith

    DM meeting

    DM meeting
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    Planetside 2 For Fun
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    DCS Event Planning & Discussion
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    Star Citizen Missions & Chat
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    DCS Session Planning
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    Star Wars Stellaris
  27. Vilmalith

    Knight Meeting

    Knight Meeting
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    Dual Universe Game Play
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